Fear of Insects? Fear of Social Settings? Fear of Flying? Fear of Objects?

People live with their phobias for years, sometimes these phobias are just an annoyance, but in many cases these phobias can and very often do severely restrict the freedom of the person who has the phobia to carry on their life in the way that they want to.

Phobias can be created at any time and are often the result of a onetime emotionally traumatic experience, for example being startled and frightened by a moth flying around your face upon waking, having been woken by the sound of fluttering around your face, could result in being traumatised and having Mottephobia (a phobia of moths) from then onwards. Phobic responses can include debilitating and immobilizing irrational fear, an uncontrollable panic response to an internal representation and anxiety over coming into contact or even seeing moths and these symptoms seem to be completely out of the person’s control (this example was moths but it could equally have been any insects, animals or objects or social settings that were the phobias).

How Can We Help?

We can utilise Hypnotherapy, which is a proven phobia treatment, used to cure many social and animal phobias. It helps us to discover the root cause of the issue(s) causing the phobia and assists you to deal with the anxiety in a much calmer manner with our guidance. We combine Hypnotherapy with NLP.

NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming therapy is based on the principle that a phobia originates (as explained above) from a tightly wound neural network, we help you to deal with your phobia in a disassociated manner (a way that minimises your fears, anxiety and discomfort), and following treatment most patients claim to be unafraid of their phobia at the end of the first session.

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Evelyn McCarthy
Evelyn McCarthy
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Just a note to say that I can swim a little now, and can get my feet off the bottom of the swimming pool most of the time.
I can also completely submerge my head with no fear whatsoever.

The last fact is the one that amazes my family the most.

On the whole I seem to be less worried about everything.

I would like to thank you for the time you spent with me.