Emotional Trauma Therapy

Increasing research into PTSD indicates that traumatic experience may be at the root of a wide range of problems, ranging from physical symptoms (such as headaches, allergies, pains, heart palpitations) to emotional symptoms (depression, anxiety, panic attacks, fear of recurrence, stress, etc.) to difficult behaviors (substance use & abuse -typically alcohol & or drugs, self-injury, acting out, verbal/emotional outbursts, suicidal thoughts or attempts, etc.).

Our bespoke treatment process involves;

  • An initial assessment & discussion with you, to establish what your requirements are and to allocate any tasks you may need to complete before you return for your treatment session(s).
  • An intensive treatment tailored to your needs over the space of two days, (we do it over two days and not a session a week over months, so that we you can benefit from rapid, lasting change as soon as possible and then return to the rest of your life – our clients find this approach to be infinitely preferable to the current commonplace alternative Counselling and Cognitive Behavioral Therapies etc, that use weekly therapy sessions). During the treatment process you are assisted (in a disassociated way) to address and release all negative drivers / emotional states / limiting beliefs / PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorders & any phobias associated with the presenting traumatic event (fear of getting back behind the wheel, going out after dark etc.), furthermore you will have your internal positive resource states restored during the therapy treatment process.

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