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Tackle Emotional Eating Disorders

Sometimes people under or overeat due to stress, pressure or emotional turmoil, dieting in these situations seldom works – as the motional drivers behind the under or over eating remain un-tackled.

If you can see how this relates to you, and our message strikes a chord with you, know that we can have you feeling better very soon.

Stop Pain in it's tracks

Have you suffered from pain for a long time with no medical reason for that pain?

Does that pain prevent you from doing the things in life that you would like to do?

If your answer to these questions is yes, there is a high possibility that your pain is emotionally driven and know that we can have you feeling better very soon.

Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Do you feel trapped in an abusive relationship?

Do you feel lost because of a relationship breakdown?

Are you getting over bereavement?

Has it chipped away at who you are? or do you feel sad, lost and alone – too embarrassed & ashamed to ask for help from friends and family? We offer a completely confidential and professional service, so rest assured we’re here to listen, when you’re ready to talk about your struggle, and together we will help you to find yourself and take charge of your life once more.

Do you suffer from sleeping problems?

People sometimes start to experience problems getting to or having a full and restful sleep when they are feeling stressed and anxious and have things on their mind, which keep them awake and worrying. There is nothing worse thank waking up feeling really tired as if you have had no sleep, it affects your memory and makes you feel more aches and pains, you don’t look and function at your best and it only takes one or two of these disturbed nights sleep to make you feel at a really low ebb.

 If this sounds familiar to you or you can identify with these scenarios, you should know that help is at hand, we can help you to deal with the causes and learn deep relaxation techniques that will help you achieve the very best sleep possible.

Addiction Therapy & Treatment

Whatever your addiction, whether you are addicted to pain killers, gambling, drink, drugs or anything else, and you have got to the stage where you are 100% ready to be free of your addiction, then you have come to the right place. We can make that change possible permanently. Our Master Practitioner will tailor a completely confidential treatment plan and personal tasking for you to combine your will power, and our hypnosis and NLP technique to ensure a successful outcome.

You can change your life today, by booking your free consultation. Call us on 07784 927640