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Gambling Addiction Resolution Feedback

Rak I thought I will give you an update, I have not even thought about gambling since I left your office.

I just cannot believe it worked, just talking and now I’m fixed – ‘WOW’

My family & love life is pretty good too now – Thank you, now i can see what is important in my life and will hold onto it.

I cannot believe why I didn't come see you sooner.

I wants to come back soon to sort out other issues. So, all in all, you are magician thank you so much.

I am now optimistic about the future in my heart, thank you again.


Y.M.  (August 2016)

   Good afternoon Rak,

Apologies for the delay in sending you some feedback.


I want to thank you for all of your time last Wednesday, saw to say it was not what I was expecting and certainly nothing that I have experienced before, however the transformation is immense, I genuinely feel so much more positive about things, I am seeing positives in what we’re seemingly before negative situations, I am continuing to try and ignore the negatives that creep in and not dwell on them by focusing on what positives are also there, I have found my patience is improving and over the weekend had some quite deep conversations with my son about his schooling, I found myself sounding a bit like you on Wednesday (but not as good) using some of your analogies and trying to help him focus on what is needed. I have been sleeping a lot better and find myself returning to the image that I had on Wednesday, not sure if that is normal or not but it makes me feel good. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted that I didn’t know was there.

Thank you again



Click on the image to take you to my article on Mental Health & Asking For Help, which was published in the Police Firearms Officers Association

'Top Cover' Magazine (Edition 12)

 Rak, Ive purposefully left it a week before sending any feedback. I can describe it it two words; Amaz - ing!!! I totally have felt free of clutter & of clearer mind. 
 I liken it to opening your computer and seeing for the 1st time, 
hundreds & hundreds of junk emails... Its like you have deleted all my junk 
that I have been carrying around all my adult life. 
 A full emotional, mental reset has taken place. Ben & the wife notice how chilled & calm I have become. I have also been sleeping pill free for the last week 
& feel pretty good! I don't know what or how you did it, but there are 3 people 
that are so glad you did. I really, genuinely feel much much better. Thank you so much. S.C.

I decided to see Rak at the beginning of May 2016. I was in a rut and had been for some time and wanted to move on but just couldn’t seem to make any changes stick. If I am being completely honest I was sceptical that it would work and was worried I was going to waste my money and have to dig up and reveal some personal stuff, not the case, the process works (phenomenally well) without dredging  up the past endlessly, it’s ‘content free’ and safe. I am amazed at the results, I did the Time Line Therapy with Rak and I feel great, am moving on and doing things I have wanted to do for ages. I am struggling to comprehend the speed at which the changes have embedded themselves. Amazing value for money. I can see why Rak is becoming widely known as Rak #themagician – I don’t know how he does it but it works!!


All the best



I first rang Future Creation Associates when I was suffering terribly from depression, I felt suicidal and had experienced several  bereavements and a relationship break up in my life. I had got to the point in life where I couldn’t breathe or think straight, I couldn’t cope or function normally and desperately needed help.


The first thing I noticed with Rak was a huge calming aura. His voice was so smooth and calm and he didn’t react badly to anything I said no matter how shocking or depressing it was.


He has the ability to put you at ease and focus your mind with just his voice, calmly talking you back to somewhere you feel safe and helping you to take control of your life for yourself one step at a time. Rak gives you tasks to do so that you can actually work out and focus on what you want and your own recovery process.


One of my major issues was trust and people tend to disappear on me. With Rak I never feel abandoned and that is so important when you are pouring your deepest fears out to someone.


He really does have a wonderful rapport with you and there is never any judgment, Rak is a great healer, genuinely interested and tunes into your needs.


MRS D - NLP Therapy for Depression



I contacted Rak due to a recommendation and was desperate to stop smoking, I had tried with Nicotine Patches, tablets, an e cigarette and chewing gum, and nothing worked.


After a couple of sessions with Rak, The thought of lighting a cigarette shocks and disgusts me, and I have been smoke free for a month already, with no looking back.


I couldn't be more thankful, I feel healthier and have more energy and no longer having to buy cigarettes has saved me so much money, that I have already started saving for my dream holiday!


JH - NLP Therapy - Stop Smoking Service

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